Inspection Coverage

Problems covered by our basic inspection: quantity, color, size, design and obvious visual defects.

Problems NOT covered: Product quality, authenticity and functionality related issues; items in sealed packaging; the packaging box/material itself; free gifts; items smaller than 2.5cm, etc.

More elaboration:

  • Quantity – We will check the quantity received against the quantity you ordered. For bulk purchase, quantity check is to 90% accuracy.

  • Color – We will check the general color of the items. Variants in colors are considered the same and not covered. For example, light pink, hot pink and baby pink are all considered pink.

  • Size – We will check the label on the items received against the size indicated in your order remark. If there’s no label on the items or the size is measured in a different way, we will assume it’s correct.

  • Design – We will check the design against the one shown on seller’s webpage. For difference which is very marginal, our basic inspection may not be able to spot the difference, so it’s not covered.

  • Obvious defects – major obvious defects like big stain, scratches, tears, holes, dents and damages will be spotted and covered in our basic inspection service, but those products with a poor quality, small defects, and unobvious defects are not covered.

  • Packaging – Damages on product packaging are not covered in our refund policy. If the items are gifts or for re-sale and extra protection on packaging is needed, it can be requested in the order remark. If certain product packaging like shoe boxes are wished to be removed to save international shipping fee, it can also be requested in the order remark.